ivan snow
I work with blue chip companies and West End design companies:
  Disney, Microsoft, BBC, Leo Burnett, Universal Films, Amirati Purus Lintas, Unilever, Accenture, Barclays Bank, Landrover, Andersen Consulting, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Guardian, FatBoySlim, Maxim (Dennis Publishing), Ford,
Aston Martin, Formula One, BP, Esso, Thames Water, City And Guilds, Thunderbirds (Universal Films), Fish Design
mission statement
to be make the leading New Media projects a success both financially and creatively
I work with the best companies in the industry and I use the best practices for achieving success.
  If you have a New Media project that you would like me to contribute to then feel free to contact me on ivan@ivansnow.co.uk.
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